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Made by Skaters for Skaters – Meet Designer of Skatanist Studio


Inspired by the streets and people of London, Veronica made her dream come true and started her own fashion brand Skatanist. All pieces of her collection are tested by Veronica herself before selling. Her comfortable, funny and edgy line is designed for all the skater girls out there!

What inspired you to be a designer and how did you get started?

I always wanted to be a fashion designer. I spent all my childhood sketching dresses and imagining my billboard campaigns. My older sister Roberta is a true fashion fanatic and a stylist, she took me everywhere with her, scouting vintage flea markets looking for new inspirations or checking out new expositions.

Where were you born, where have you lived most of your life, and how has this influenced your brand?

I was born in Udine, Italy and moved to Milano when I was 18 years old to attend fashion design at the Instituto Marangoni. I now live in London where I design Skatanist and I play roller derby with LRG. I think London had definitely a huge influence on me and my designs.

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Describe your typical day in the life.

Well, I spend most of my day working on Skatanist, skating and laughing! I share my workspace with my sister Roberta who is the designer of Later Dudes.

What materials do you use and from where do you source them?

I design a fashion collection for skater girls. Everything I sell has been tested by me first. My inspiration comes mainly from the streets, looking at the people. I want my clothes to be comfortable, funny and edgy. I spend the most of my free time skating and I always ask myself first if I would wear them!

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What gets your creative juices flowing? What songs are you listening to, what munchies are you snacking on, what are you wearing?

I am a metal head, my favorite band is Slayer! I know it sounds pretty incredible, but trash metal and hardcore help me to focus on my daily tasks.

I wear Skatanist of course! Sport socks are a must too, paired up with some old dirty Vans shoes!

I know it could sound boring as hell, but my favorite snack is banana with peanut butter.

Describe the first piece you ever designed…

I was probably 6 or 7 years old. I designed a fancy night gown!

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Who is your mentor?

My sister Roberta! She always supported me and helped me to make my dreams come true!

How would you describe your personal style, both wardrobe and home decor?

Skater from hell chic! My house is filled with roller skates, skate boards, skate tools! and heavy metal records. Heavy metal and hair metal are a never ending source of inspiration.

What advice would you give to up & coming designers that want to start their own brand?

Be positive and keep going!!! Don’t let anything bring you down!

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What’s next for you?

I would like to design a full clothing range for skater girls!

Product Categories: Fashion

Horoscope: Sagittarius

Favorite Color: Sky blue

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