Upload Products Easily

Quickly and easily upload your products.

Easily Add & Update Products

Effortlessly add new products and update existing ones.

Quickly Create Line Sheets

No need for Excel or Photoshop, now create beautiful line sheets with a click of a button.

Analyze Your Sales

Better understand your designs and how they’re performing – allowing you to sell better in the future. (coming soon) 


Manage Transactions & Reduce Order Errors

Streamlines the sales process to keep you organized.

Go Entirely Paperless

Save on printing and paper costs.

Message with Retailers

Connect with potential buyers and current customers.

Access Your Product Catalog 24/7

Manage your wholesale anytime of the day and enable buyers to access your collection whenever they want.


International designers use our platform to improve their wholesale workflow. We built our product with the mission of empowering emerging designers to be more professional.

Use your Backroom dashboard to see how your products are doing.


Start by uploading a product with our easy upload tool.


View and manage your products in your Backroomplaceit (2)

See your products live in your Showroom

Click on a product to see more details. On the product page, click “Request Info” to start the ordering process.