Vintage Finds Meets Modern Designs – Introducing Honey Rose & K

In February 2009, Meredith turned her hobby into her profession. She started her jewelry label Honey Rose & K, which is named after Meredith’s Grandmother, Honey Rosenkranz. Meredith finds her inspiration in traveling,  art, photography, and her Grandmother’s jewels. Each handmade piece is made out of vintage finds and combined with modern elements, to give the jewelry a modern bohemian, edgy twist. Read more

The Evolution of Erica Burns – Social Worker Turned to Jewelry Designer

The jewelry line of Erica Burns is inspired by love and positivity. Erica dedicated her life’s work as a social worker, and later a yoga teacher, to help others by empowering them to love and be loved. Through her jewelry line, she strives to do the same thing. Erica’s mission is that each piece of jewelry lets her customers’ beauty radiate from the inside out. Read more

Mark Your Calendar For Small Business Saturday, November 28


ArtSetters Survival Kit for Small Business Saturday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner, but don’t forget about the Saturday after Black Friday: “Small Business Saturday” (SBS). Founded by American Express, SBS was created to inspire customers across the USA to “shop small” and support small businesses.

In 2014, 88 million consumers spent approximately $14.3 billion on Small Business Saturday!
94% of all SBS shoppers said that it makes them feel good to support small businesses. Read more

Meet the Potion Master, Jeanette Quillen of Claribel Skincare

Often referred to as the “potion master” or “mad scientist”, Jeanette Quillen is proud to freshly batch every order for her skin product line Claribel Skincare.  Influenced by the elements and nature, each material is plant and earth based, and carefully tested and researched. Read more

Meet Design Mermaid, Kristen Granger of Sea Gypsy California

Influenced by her passion for the beach and admiration of surf culture, Kristen Granger of Sea Gypsy California designs feel-good pieces to inspire, motivate, and simply make people happy.  Looking into the future, Kristen plans to step into the apparel category, and move shop to Hawaii!

Give me your biography as a designer.

I studied at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, CA and graduated in 2005 with a degree in Visual Communications. I worked as a Visual Merchandiser and Graphic Designer at Fashion Island in Newport Beach throughout my studies. After obtaining my degree I became a Project Manager for a residential construction company and alongside budgeting and managing the trades of the project I offered my expertise for the final Interior Design stages of their project. After 5 years of being on call pretty much 24/7 I decided I wanted the laid back lifestyle so I moved to Huntington Beach, CA and started Sea Gypsy California.


How did you start your brand?

My start is pretty random as I didn’t dream of being a sign designer as a child. 🙂 I was actually at a garage sale and the homeowner was throwing away a bunch of lumber cutoffs. I had seen some Pinterest projects and took the pieces home with me to see what I could recreate.

What inspired the vision behind your brand?

I’m a beach girl at heart so the surf culture for sure. Lazy days with my toes in the sand and a cocktail in my hand. Haha!


What are three core values that represent your designs?

I would say to inspire, motivate and just make people happy! These are signs that you put up around your house and are going to look at everyday so my hope is that when you look at them and read the sayings they make you smile or laugh. 🙂

What materials do you use?

I use all different species of wood. Pine, cedar, redwood, plywood. Our one of a kind pieces are usually reclaimed construction materials so that can include, doors, windows and random lumber.

What is your background and how does this influence your work?

Having a design background has definitely helped influence my work. Graphic Design and Color Theory come into play with each design, so I’m thankful that I was able to take those classes. I say the brighter the better for the surf signs. But I do have a bohemian vibe to some of them so the colors I use are a lot more subtle.


What advice would you give to up & coming designers that want to start their own brand?

Don’t give up! The first flea market I went to I sold two pieces. It barely paid for my booth space. Haha but the more you get out there and see what works and what doesn’t the more likely you are to figure out what people are looking to buy.

What has been your biggest challenge on your creative journey?

Having the time to do everything that I want to do! I have so many new ideas but finding the time to follow through with them is tough.


What is your favorite quote? Why does it inspire you?

This changes ALL THE TIME. I’m constantly in search of quotes for signs so I see one and I’m like “OHH, this is so me!!” Haha and then the next day the same thing. But I find sometimes that I get so busy and time flies by that this quote always makes me slow down a little and just appreciate the moment “Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life”- Omar Khayyam

What’s next for you?

Apparel! And possibly a move to Hawaii! Yes, I want Sea Gypsy Hawaii to be next.



Meet the Scrap Metal Queen, Christi Schimpke of CRASH Jewelry

Christi Schimpke, designer of CRASH Jewelry, uses the scrap metal yard as her playground, and an auto body shop as her studio.  Find out how she transforms car metal into jewelry!

What inspired you to be a designer and how did you get started?

I began designing jewelry when I was in Junior High and sold it at school. I wanted to attend art school but went into art history instead. So instead of designing and creating things, I was studying and analyzing art.

Where were you born, where have you lived most of your life, and how has this influenced your brand?

I was born in Tennessee but have lived most of my life in California. My Tennessean grandmother influenced my artistic side and I named my first jewelry business after her — Mina Bea.

sitting at bench good one

Describe your day in the life?

I work all the time. Most of the day I am in my studio located inside an auto body shop. I play with car metal – most of the time I’m designing and creating new CRASH cuffs because I can’t seem to stop!

What materials do you use and where do you source them?

I use mostly steel alloy and aluminum from the cars that come into the body shop for repair. These are gorgeous high-end cars like Mercedes-Benz, Bentleys, Ferraris, Maseratis and Teslas, to name a few.


What gets your creative juices flowing?

Anything visually interesting, ideas, new concepts.

Are you an early-bird or a night owl?

Night owl.

What songs are you listening to, what munchies are you snacking on?

I listen to alternative rock mostly but lately I’ve been listening to a lot of 80s music like the Cult.

What are you wearing?

Shorts, birkenstocks and a T-shirt (and my protective gear!)


Describe the first piece you ever designed.

It was a macrame flower necklace.

Who is your mentor?

My husband and my former teachers.


How would you describe your personal style, both wardrobe and home decor?

Casual, versatile, contemporary with vintage mixed in.

What advice would you give to up & coming designers that want to start their own brand?

Be prepared to do it all and don’t give up.

maserati flower

What’s next for you?

A Pop Up Store.

Product Categories: Jewelry
Horoscope: Libra
Favorite Color: Green



5 - IMG_4839 copy

1 - IMG_4868 copy

Meet the Fabric Whisperer, Barbara Thulin, the Designer of Decadent Digs

Barbara Thulin ArtSetters

Sedona-based Barbara Thulin, the designer of Decadent Digs, is a free spirit and connects with various US-made textiles.  She listens to the colors and textures of fabrics and extracts the soul of individual textiles to create something new.  Barbara’s passion is to design true pet pampering bedding and accessories for all environments.  She is celebrating her 11 year tilling the soil with Decadent Digs which has attracted international press by The New York Times, Phoenix Home and Garden Magazine, Good Morning America, The London Financial Times, Modern Dog Magazine and HGTV to name a few.

What inspired you to be a designer and how did you get started?

Since 5 years old I have been designing and sewing things and sharing them with my family and friends. I must confess I am a complete fabric-aholic. Like the Dog Whisperer, my fabric whispers to me. It says “Pick me! Buy Me! Cut me!” I still have my red haired Barbie Doll from 1965 when I utilized my mom and grandmother’s scraps to make Barbie an entire wardrobe. It was then I knew I wanted to be a fashion designer. That fire lit in me continues to burn like a bonfire inside me.

Barbara Thulin ArtSetters

Where were you born, where have you lived most of your life, and how has this influenced your brand?

I was born in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey living the better half of my life in NJ. I lived 9 years in Texas and the last 18 years in Arizona. Having studied fashion design at Parsons School of Design in NYC and having been exposed to wonderful experiences from being a high fashion print, TV, and runway model, I saw many extremely beautiful people, places and things. This experience was like champagne bubbling up inside me instilling a deep desire to make beautiful heirloom quality things. One of the most powerful influences was working for and designing for and with Ralph Lauren in Manhattan. He made old, new, and loved bridging art and craftsman trades, like rug making with fashion.

an old modeling picture of me

Describe your typical day in the life?

My typical day is always different. I used to be a 24/7 workaholic, but now I making time to do it all; make time for God, family, friends, art, exercise and meditation. I live in one of the most beautiful art inspiring cities in the world, Sedona, Arizona. Here, I either hike the trails, walk the roads, or jump around in my living room to my Bipasha “Break Free” YouTube workout video in the morning. Then I head to my computer to work on my business. Afterwards, I drive 20 minutes to my shop in Cottonwood to fill orders, design new things, shoot them, oversee and pitch in on production. During the day I snag 30 minutes to meditate listening to one of my CD’s from Kelly Howell. This really helps me keep the feelings of stress low and manageable. By night, I either dress up and go eat out, with a date, at one of 200 choices of wonderful restaurants nearby or I just get super comfy and cook at home, all the while cuddling with my 3 kitties.

beautiful Sedona

What materials do you use and from where do you source them?

I buy my materials locally often at a handful of phenomenal fabric stores. I also have suppliers in Texas and California and occasionally buy from wholesalers on the East Coast. I am a big supporter of Made in USA.

Barbara Thulin ArtSetters

What gets your creative juices flowing? Are you an early-bird or a night owl? What songs are you listening to, what munchies are you snacking on, what are you wearing?

I am an early bird who devotes a huge portion of each day to growing and learning new things every day. If I feel like listening to music, which more often I prefer quiet, I type in the words “Inspiring Music” in the search bar on YouTube and listen to the most wonderful selection of music there. At some point, most every day, I grab a CD from my constantly growing collection of self improvement CD’s. I love: Jay Abraham, David J. Schwartz, Mark Walden, Brian Tracy, Napoleon Hill, Sharon Lechter, Jack Cainfield, Stephen Covey, and so many more. Currently I am listening to “The Answer” by John Assaraf and “Wow is it great!” As for what I like to wear, I prefer to be comfy. I would say my style is preppy meets beachy. Simple classic skirts, pants and tops that have stretch so I can toss bolts of fabric around and feel comfortable . An hour before bedtime I watch a cooking reality show or alien documentary and by 9:30 PM my day ends. I shower then hop into bed with my cats and either read my Bible or the latest issue of “Where Women Create.”

arty Smoking Jackets

Describe the first piece you ever designed…

The first piece I officially designed is tough to remember as it all started at 5 years old. But I still have a jacket from when I was in clothing class in 8th grade. I designed a blue double knit jacket and trumpet skirt for myself. The jacket has a circle yoke on the back with a woman in the air that I silk screened on it in art class inside the circle yoke and silk screened in each gusset at the hem of the skirt

Who is your mentor?

I have a zillion mentors. Once I met Helmut Newton while modeling in Paris and he was the first person to say “Go for your dreams” and became my mentor. A few years later in Manhattan, Lauren Hutton said the same thing to me “Go for your dreams.” Knowing Oleg Cassini , Ralph Lauren and Michel Roux from Carillon Importers influenced me greatly so they too became my mentors. I feel profoundly blessed having met so many amazing famous and super successful people in my life, for one reason or another, through all my endeavors. They all in a roundabout way have mentored me.

view of DDigs collection in Paw Spa

How would you describe your personal style, both wardrobe and home decor?

My personal style is classic meets the beach. I love all things that remind me of the ocean and bay. I prefer one color outfits preferably in either cream, sand, turquoise, green, white, or black. I love dressing up, which I did every day in New York City. My three cats are all black and I love matching them, wearing black leggings and a long black shirts. I live in sandals year round.

my happy cat in Bodacious Bucket

What advice would you give to up & coming designers that want to start their own brand?

My advice I would give upcoming designers would be:

#1- Everybody wants to be a designer, so find out what makes your heart sing and hone in on it like a laser. Strive to be a big fish in a little pond and become a master at your point of view with clarity. When I went to Parsons I was passionate about knitting. I went balls to the walls with it. By graduation I represented Parsons as the awards winner for “Designer of The Future Award” from the Knitting and Textile Association. Even the buyer, Ellen Salzmann at Saks Fifth Ave, wanted my evening sweaters! It got my knitwear in The Absolut Vodka Book. Doing Decadent Digs I have utter clarity and my work and clients match up. That attract clarity keeps attracting more clients and press.

#2- Study designers you relate to. Shop their stores to vision quest and find your authentic voice. Go to Barneys, Anthropology and all the stores you can to help you find your nitch.

#3- Learn, learn, learn! To start listening while you are designing or driving to CD’s like “Do You” by Russell Simmons, “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, or “The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People” by Stephen Covey. Be a sponge on YouTube. I strongly encourage them to watch Ted TV and other documentaries on Fashion like “When I die please scatter my Ashes in Bergdorf’s” as well as tutorials by Mercedes Gonzales like “Starting a fashion Line on a Budget.” And do not forget to learn about money management from Robert Kiosaki or Harv Ekker. It is important to know how to make the money work for you and invest and start saving as soon as possible.

my office

What’s next for you?

Currently, I am manifesting business with Harrods in London and Neiman Marcus, as well as seeking out all the very best places in the world, who cater to my ideal client who appreciate my Rolls Royce quality made things. I have a really great feeling that your wonderful site will be a part my success story.

Product Categories: Home decor for starters. I have loads of design ideas I will be exploring and may branch back into fashion again

Horoscope: Sagittarius
Favorite Color: Sand
Instagram, twitter, skype & facebook: /decadentdigs

wild horses

a typical morning view off my deck

Indian inspired Bodacious Buckets

Surfs Up With Nicole Vorias of Surf Souleil

Miami-girl Nicole Vorias is closing the gap in the swim market, delivering soft and protective fabrics with no less than UPF 50.  Inspired by her mother’s closet, her designs are a nod to the 70s in South Florida.  Her dream is to build Surf Souleil into a lifestyle brand, celebrating the Caribbean/Tropical good life.

What inspired you to be a designer and how did you get started?

I decided to become a designer after being a resort wear buyer for 7 years. My partner and I own a surf boutique in New York and our customers would always comment on what they were looking for in swim and coverups. Surf Souleil was born and developed out of what our clients felt was missing in the swim market. Chic sun protection clothing was the biggest note and we have incorporated UPF 50 protection into our line.

Nicole Red Carpet Cotton Inc Fashion Show

Where were you born, where have you lived most of your life, and how has this influenced your brand?

I was born and raised in Miami, Florida and spent most of the year in beach wear when not in school. I always loved playing dress up in my Mother’s closet. She had the coolest cover-ups and they were the inspiration for my line which is a definite retro nod to the 70’s-good-life in South Florida. I now live in New York but visit Miami often and have a home down there. I dream of one day being a retired “golden girl” in my little Miami beach house.


Describe your day in the life?

Since Surf Souleil is a relatively new brand I am always working on designs, fabrics, patterns, social media and sales. I wear a lot of hats but I LOVE IT! We just hired a sales rep and also doing a major fashion campaign this November in Miami of course! So working on the styling and layout right now for that campaign.

What materials do you use and where do you source them?

One of my favorite things about the brand is that we are bringing back to life vintage, resort wear, textile prints from the 60’s and 70’s which really make the line stand out. I love suns (thus the name Surf Souleil) and try to feature a retro sun print each season. Everything is proudly made in the USA. I source fabrics from LA and South Carolina and screen the prints in Brooklyn. I also try to use organic fabrics as much as I can.


What gets your creative juices flowing?

I love walking the streets of NYC and Brooklyn listening to some great tunes and people watching. New Yorkers have mad style and real people I find are the best inspiration. I also love Instagram , fashion blogs and Pinterest.

Are you an early-bird or a night owl?

I am an early bird. I wake up around 5:30 and my mind starts reeling on what needs to be done to move forward.

What songs are you listening to?

I love newer artists like The Weeknd, Liane La Havas and Alabama Shakes but really love old school rock and roll like Led Zeppelin, Hendrix and Pink Floyd as my go to jams.

What munchies are you snacking on?

My go to snack is an apple with peanut butter or strawberries and nutella.

What are you wearing?

I’m kinda on a Madewell kick right now. Their pieces are simple, chic and priced well. Love to wear vintage jewelry / handbags with my Nicholas Kirkwood pointy flats.

front shot ret blu mon bik

Describe the first piece you ever designed.

The first piece I designed was a soft organic terry poncho coverup with crochet pom poms. A throwback to my Mom’s closet. I showed it to my clients, got great feedback and thought maybe I’m on to something.

Who is your mentor?

I would say my teacher Kathlin Argiro at FIT. She really believed in me. She is a designer herself and encouraged me to start the line. She introduced me to some prominent people in the fashion biz who gave me great feedback and also helped me.



How would you describe your personal style, both wardrobe and home decor?

I definitely lean towards an eclectic / classic vibe. I always like to mix clean design with a vintage pieces whether it be jewelry or a scarf, something unique. My home is the same way with a modern Resoration Hardware couch matched with 60’s period chairs I picked up at a Goodwill. I like to fill my house with nicknacks and curiosities from my travels as well. They remind me of great memories. I also do macrame and have a large macrame wall hanging over my bed instead of a headboard.

Nicole with Michael Yo Cotton Inc Fashion Show

What advice would you give to up & coming designers that want to start their own brand?

Make sure you are really passionate about what you’re doing because it takes A LOT of hard work and time. Also have a clear point of view with your line. Being a buyer has shown me how important it is for designers to have a clear vibe and look. Something that catches the eye.

What’s next for you?

I want to build Surf Souleil into a lifestyle brand celebrating the Caribbean/Tropical good life. The line will encompass women’s, men’s, boys and girls fashions as well as a home line of pillows, curtains, eclectic furniture and home fabrics by the yard.

Product Categories: Women’s and Girls Surf Chic swimwear
Horoscope: Cancer
Favorite Color: Blue, like the colors in the ocean


Meet Military Wife, Mother and Designer Kirsten Tarmen of Evelyn Hope Collection

Kirsten Tarmen, designer of Evelyn Hope Collection, has quite the story.  We admire how Kirsten opens her heart to ArtSetters, shares her personal story, and uses her creativity as an outlet to share positive messages with the world.

What inspired you to be a designer and how did you get started?

I have always loved decorating my home in affordable ways. Being a military family, we move ALOT! So I try to personalize our home as quickly as possible. I also love creating products that will brighten a room or someone’s day. I began with two throw pillows and a dream and my business has slowly grown from there. I had no idea how to start my business but I just took each step and things just kept progressing from there. The designing comes easy, its the day in and day out planning and selling and managing that has been a challenge. I made a lot of mistakes but what I have learned has changed and defined me as a business owner.

Where were you born, where have you lived most of your life, and how has this influenced your brand?

I was born and raised in Northern California but have lived all over as a military wife. West coast, east coast even Paris, France. I wanted to create affordable, unique, neutral products that could be displayed, worn or enjoyed in a variety of ways and styles…I love to constantly change things up and I assume my clients do as well. I love all types of design, from French Country to modern, beachy and vintage, so I try to create a wide variety styles to choose from.

Evelyn Hope Collection ArtSetters

Describe your day in the life.

I actually spend most of my time at home…I work from home because my daughter is disabled from an accident, so my home is my haven. I have a lovely, cozy home office filled with things I create and collect. I work a lot, nearly every day as most business owners do, but it never really feels like work because I love what I do. I feel very lucky that I found a business where I have found success and I am able to be near my daughter, take her to doctor’s appointments, work in my pajamas and create and design as much as I want without the worries of a boss or job to rush off to. I love running my business from anywhere I choose too, that to me is the best kind of freedom. My husband is currently deployed overseas for a year so my work day stops about 8:00 PM because that is when he calls me to check in and then I try to relax for the evening.

What materials do you use and where do you source them?

I use neutral, easy care fabrics and vibrant crystals and aged metals. I want high quality but they must also be affordable. I work with several suppliers and I am always looking for new fabrics and materials to try. I recently found hand beaded velvet from India in luxurious, rich colors and had them made into pillows and they are just gorgeous.

What gets your creative juices flowing?

I am inspired by everything around me. I am in love with color, all colors, so that is where I am really able to experiment with my custom designed pins and necklace pins. I like statement pieces, whether it’s around my neck or adorning a pillow or wreath in my home…I want my jewels to speak for themselves. Since my pillows are all positive messages, I am always reading and trying to think of new phrases that will touch my clients in a positive way. I also have used several quotes from my own friends through Facebook that are now on my pillows. People inspire me everyday, especially those that have been knocked down, turned down, fallen down and gotten back up time and time again. I try to see the beauty in quiet moments when life feels calm and I derive strength from those moments. I wake up everyday and try my best to take care of myself and my family, eat as healthy as I can, not stress out too much and just do the best I can with this new day I have been blessed with. I feel extremely grateful that I reached a place in my life where I had the choice to follow my dream and I choose to.

Evelyn Hope Collection ArtSetters

Describe the first piece you ever designed.

I designed a very simple white cotton pillow that said “Welcome Home” on one side and “Leave your worries and your shoes at the door” on the other. I could only afford to make ten samples. I took them into a local shop and they said they would try them. They sold out and then I began my pillow line. My husband and I talked about what I truly wanted my business to become and I decided I did not want to just offer a few pillows. I wanted a complete line of holiday, seasonal and creative pillows and jewels for all walks of life, milestones, etc. I was ready to put all of me and our entire savings into making this business thrive. I have 21 year old twins so along the way I have been teaching them how to run a business and they have watched me fail and succeed, helped me stuff and deliver countless orders and have given me ideas and inspiration from their own points of view and personal tastes. I hope someday they will be able to work along side me in our family business.

Who is your mentor?

I can’t really think of a mentor but people inspire me everyday. Sometimes it’s their success and the advice they have shared, often it’s their challenges and struggles and how they over came them. I admire working mothers, military wives, caretakers who balance so much but still somehow manage to find a way to create something bigger than themselves. I have left many boutiques in tears because an owner or buyer did not like my products, but those experiences also toughened me up. I am now at a point in my business where I only want people who love my designs to embrace them, I no longer feel I have to sell or explain why they are wonderful and unique. At times I have been treated badly, as most business owners trying to get their products on store shelves have and I always walk away reminded that there is never a reason to be rude or unkind to anyone just trying to carve out their little corner in this world. I am all about sharing and helping others and I welcome people to ask me questions and I admire busy, successful people who take time to help others.

How would you describe your personal style, both wardrobe and home decor?

My style is casual! I don’t have much time or money to spend on my wardrobe so I try to be creative. I am a jeans and soft tee kind of girl, but I have one high quality French designer handbag that I use and enjoy everyday and I believe in investing in good shoes! I try to dress up my style with a pretty cardigan or wrap and one of my statement necklaces or brooches. I don’t own a suit, blazers, high heels or nylons anymore…that was my 20’s! My home décor is all over the place! I only buy what I love but I try to combine it all and I think it works. I have vintage, modern, rustic, French, antiques, used and recycled. I am a craigslister at heart and I won’t buy anything that I can’t change later since I never know what style of place we will move into next. I re-paint and re-cover all the time. I love all the new colors and clean lines and prints but I also love old pieces that have a history and I try to bring out the best in those pieces to tell their story and I always have to something with leopard print in my home.

Evelyn Hope Collection ArtSetters

What advice would you give to up & coming designers that want to start their own brand?

I take advice anywhere I can get it so here goes! Be truly ready to work hard, really hard, find your courage if you don’t already know you have it, believe in what you are creating, try to create something new and unique. Accept and welcome that you may be ignored, yelled at, put down and turned away and even copied. Try not to make a big investment until you have some time, experience and sales to build on and keep an open mind…you never know where your path may lead so stay open to following it and stay true to your work ethic, morals and unique vision. On the worst of days…BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!

What’s next for you?

At this stage I am still building my brand, teaching my girls the business and learning from my clients and what they love. I am always looking for honest feedback, new ideas and ways to improve my products and business…and starting to think about designing some new outdoor pillows for next summer too.

Product Categories: pillows, decorative pillows, home décor, jewelry, brooches, necklaces, entertaining, tote bags, gifts, baby gifts, nursery décor, kids rooms, weddings, parties,

Horoscope: Virgo

Favorite Color: every shade of blue

Evelyn Hope Collection ArtSetters

Exploring the Imagination of Lital Tal, Designer of Kiki&Rocko

Lital Tal, the multi-talented product designer, graphic designer, illustrator and mom, reveals the concept behind Kiki&Rocko, inspired by everyday play-times and fun moments.  Lital’s designs encourage kids to maximize their imagination and provide tools and objects for their minds to set free and go wild.

What inspired you to be a designer and how did you get started?

As a kid I never liked to read instructions of any game, but taking each set or box and making it my own game. I have a very reach imagination; I used to make up so many games and stories. I guess I was always a designer, manufacturing processes always fascinated me, getting to know materials, I always loved typography and illustrations. Even before I knew all these things had a name. It took finishing my degree as a product designer, working as a graphic designer and becoming a mom to find a great way to combine all those things into one. That was the trigger point for me; once I realized that’s what I should do I started using every spare minute I had, making plans and sketches on mock-ups.

Kiki&Rocko ArtSetters

Where were you born, where have you lived most of your life, and how has this influenced your brand?

I was born and raised in the south of Israel, in a small town, in a desert-like environment, and in my early twenties I left it for the big city. I love the quiet and calmness of the desert and in many ways that defines who I am. When you grow up in a place (and time) where you don’t have a thousand channels on TV, or internet, or way to contact your friends at any given time you find ways to keep busy, and that’s something I really hope I can give kids today, with Kiki&Rocko – a little box with something to occupy their minds that they could share with their family or friends, a little ‘low-tech’ break if you will.

Kiki&Rocko ArtSetters

Describe your day in the life?

Kiki&Rocko is little factory that I work at, plan and maintain constantly. Every item is designed, illustrated, build and packed by me. I spend my days working in my studio or looking in specific markets for materials and inspiration. I make it a point to spend afternoons with my kids, as much as I can, because that’s what gets me going aka designer fuel, that’s what gives me more and more ideas. Seeing kids play with something I made is the best feeling ever.

What materials do you use and where do you source them?

For me its not about the type of materials, its about the process. Kiki&Rocko offers and will offer a wide range of products: textiles, prints, play things and more. As long as I have anything to do with it, the manufacturing process will be natural and simple as possible.

Kiki&Rocko ArtSetters

What gets your creative juices flowing? What songs do you listen to?

I surround my self with things that spark a light in me and get me going, it can be a quote, or a powerful image, I’ve always been inspired by minimal and bold graphics.

I love music and actually have a very specific playlist for each task in the studio – like, if I’m sketching its adele, or Lana and if I’m packing its Amy or Arctic Monkeys, and nothing gets sent to any manufacturer without Franz Fredinand.

How would you describe your personal style, both wardrobe and home decor?

I’m a ‘jeans and T’ kind of girl, and as a true designer – mainly black. Our home style is very eclectic; we collect some pieces that we’ve loved and try to mesh it all together for a cohesive look. Mainly in the last few years we’ve found anything ‘Lighting McQuinn’ really pulls the room together 🙂

Kiki&Rocko ArtSetters

What advice would you give to up & coming designers that want to start their own brand?

I can count on one hand the number of classmates of mine that are doing today as designers exactly what they thought they would when we were students. It takes time to find yourself in the real world and discover what is the best place for you.

What’s next for you?

A lot! At the moment I’m working on a new collection of plushies with many play and care options. I’m determined to make toy strollers cool. A room decor collection is about to come to live in the next few months. Not to mention more games and fun boxes.

Kiki&Rocko ArtSetters

Product Category: Kids games, Kids room decor, Kids craft
Horoscope: Cancer
Favorite Color: Black